Top Resources for Blended Families

Top Resources for Blended Families

Being a parent is never easy, but being part of a blended family takes it to the next level in terms of difficulty. Your biological children and stepchildren, your spouse’s ex and former in-laws, and other family members can make life a colorful blended tapestry or a sticky mess.

Navigating the waters of discipline for new family members, complex emotions, issues with ex-partners, and complicated scheduling can get overwhelming for blended families, and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who has to steer the ship. But you’re not alone! An estimated 75% of the 1.2 million Americans who divorce every year will eventually remarry.

Blended family resources are a great way to get inspiration to make it through the tough days. Sometimes just hearing stories from other blended families is enough to give a fresh perspective or needed advice.

Here’s a few blended family resources to get started with:

Scary Mommy (

A great resource for all things parenting, Scary Mommy has a number of helpful articles about coping with the stresses of managing a blended family.

Band Back Together (

Calling itself “a nonprofit group blog that aims to shine a light in the darkness,” Band Back Together has collected some great advice and resources for coping with blended family challenges. From what to expect from your new situation to coping strategies for all ages, this page is a great place to start if you have questions.

The Evil Stepmother Speaks Blog (

Barb Goldberg is a single mom turned stepmother and certified life coach who takes lessons from her stint in the corporate world to raise her new blended family.

Simplicity in the Suburbs Blog (

Follow blogger Samara Postuma as she writes about her life in suburban Minnesota raising five kids (2 step kids and 3 bio). As a busy work-from-home mom, she shows that the key to success for the blended family is balance.

Happy parenting!

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