Organize Your Family and Personal Task Lists All In One Place

Organize Your Family and Personal Task Lists All In One Place

Task lists can be powerful organizational tools for everyone in the family, but sometimes you want to keep your tasks to yourself and not share them with other family members.

Unlike other family organizers, Bievo’s unique account structure lets you manage your own personal task list and your family task list from the same place.

Personal tasks are visible only to you. Use your personal task list to keep yourself organized, without overwhelming family members with unnecessary information or spilling the beans on an upcoming surprise party!

Family tasks are visible to every family member that you add to your Bievo family account. They’ll see these tasks when they log into their own Bievo accounts. Family members can even update the status of their tasks so you know exactly when the chores are done.

Haven’t added your family members to your Bievo account yet? Adding family members is easy! Click here to learn how.

Ready to get started with your Task List? It’s easy with the Bievo mobile app! Here’s how:

1. Add a New Task

From the Home Screen, open your Task List, then click the green plus sign to create a new task. You can also click on any of the tasks on your list to edit it.

Create a Task List.png

2. Assign it to a family member or keep it personal

On the new Task screen, you can add all the details of the task (title, due date, and description). You can also assign the task using the “Assign To” function. This is how you decide whether to add the task to the family task list or keep it private.

Click on the “Assign To” drop down men. You’ll see a list of all the family members that you’ve added to your account. Assign the task to a family member (and add it to the family task list for all to see) by clicking on their name.

You’ll also see that your email address is included on the list. When you assign the task to your own email address, the task is added to your personal task list (none of your family members will see it).

Personal vs. Family Tasks.png

Once you’ve assigned the task and added a title and due date, click Save.

3. View All Tasks, or Just Your Own

All of your tasks (personal and family) are included on your Task list. Want to see just the ones on your plate? No problem! Click on the filter at the top of the screen and choose which task list you want to see.

Task List Filter

That’s it! With Bievo, it’s easy to keep everything (and everyone) organized in one place.

Not a Bievo member yet? Register at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app from Apple or Google Play.



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