Creating a Summer Bucket List

Creating a Summer Bucket List

It’s only a few weeks into this glorious summer and we’re already starting to hear pronouncements of its demise:

“This summer is just flying by!”

“Labor Day will be here before we know it!”

“I can’t believe it’s already mid-July!”

While summer never seems to be quite long enough, we still have many, many (okay, eight) more weeks to look forward to. Weeks filled with picnic dinners in the parks, days at the beach, and (hopefully) some relaxing vacation days away from home.

Creating a summer bucket list is a great way to make sure you squeeze every last drop of awesomeness from your summer and won’t go into Labor Day weekend mourning summer activities and trips left unexperienced. This is especially important for those of us who don’t have much vacation time to tap into.

Bucket list items can be small and easily attainable (plant that window box herb garden) or ambitious and verging on fantasy (road trip with the kids to the other coast).

Here are some ideas:

  • 5 places you would like to visit
  • 5 picnic spots you would like to experience
  • 5 new fun spots to visit with your family
  • 5 new restaurants to try
  • 5 things you would like to improve around the house

So why make a summer bucket list at all? Listing your hopes and desires has a way of making concrete that which we often confine only to our thoughts. It puts a laser focus on your goals and helps to make them a reality. And when you can share your bucket list with your family, everyone can get in on adding their hopes and dreams to the family list.

Your Bievo Task List is the perfect place for a summer bucket list to live! To get one started, just start adding new items to your family task list with a code your family will recognize, such as “BL: try the new trampoline park.”

Not a Bievo member yet? Register for free at or by downloading our mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

Happy summering!


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