Bievo’s All-in-One Calendar Keeps Your Whole Life Organized

Bievo’s All-in-One Calendar Keeps Your Whole Life Organized

You have your family life, and then you have the rest of your life – work, shopping, phone calls, and maybe even a massage appointment or night out with a friend. Even though it doesn’t always feel possible, you can keep some of your life events private without juggling  multiple calendars!

Unlike other family calendars, Bievo gives you the option to keep events on your calendar private or add them to the family calendar where they’ll be visible to everyone in the family. This Calendar Assignment feature is an important tool for organizing your schedule and determining who sees your events.

Assigning a calendar event is easy with the Bievo mobile app. Here’s how:

1. Create a new event

From the Home Screen, open your Calendar, then click the green plus sign to create a new event. You can also click on any of the events on your calendar to edit it.

Add an Event

2. Assign it to a family member or keep it private

On the new Event screen, you can add all the details of the event (title, date and time, etc.). You can also choose which calendar to add the event to. This is how you decide whether to add the event to the family calendar or keep it private.

To assign the event, click on the “Calendar” drop down menu. You’ll see a list of all the family members that you’ve added to your account. Assign the event to a family member (and add it to the family calendar for all to see) by clicking on their name.

You’ll also see that your email address is included on the list. This is your personal calendar. When you assign the event to your personal calendar by selecting your email address from the menu, the event will remain private (none of your family members will see it).

Personal vs. Family Events.png

Once you’ve chosen a calendar for the event and added all of the details, click Save.

3. Add your other calendars & schedules

What about when you want to add lots of events at once? You can use the Calendar Assignment features to choose who sees those events too!

With Bievo, you can add your Google Calendar, import an iCal or other online schedule, or create your own group calendar to share with friends and family. All of these calendar options are available on Bievo’s web application. Simply log into your Bievo account at to get started. Once you add your calendars and schedules to your account, they will all appear on your mobile app for easy access on the go.

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Top Resources for Blended Families

Top Resources for Blended Families

Being a parent is never easy, but being part of a blended family takes it to the next level in terms of difficulty. Your biological children and stepchildren, your spouse’s ex and former in-laws, and other family members can make life a colorful blended tapestry or a sticky mess.

Navigating the waters of discipline for new family members, complex emotions, issues with ex-partners, and complicated scheduling can get overwhelming for blended families, and sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who has to steer the ship. But you’re not alone! An estimated 75% of the 1.2 million Americans who divorce every year will eventually remarry.

Blended family resources are a great way to get inspiration to make it through the tough days. Sometimes just hearing stories from other blended families is enough to give a fresh perspective or needed advice.

Here’s a few blended family resources to get started with:

Scary Mommy (

A great resource for all things parenting, Scary Mommy has a number of helpful articles about coping with the stresses of managing a blended family.

Band Back Together (

Calling itself “a nonprofit group blog that aims to shine a light in the darkness,” Band Back Together has collected some great advice and resources for coping with blended family challenges. From what to expect from your new situation to coping strategies for all ages, this page is a great place to start if you have questions.

The Evil Stepmother Speaks Blog (

Barb Goldberg is a single mom turned stepmother and certified life coach who takes lessons from her stint in the corporate world to raise her new blended family.

Simplicity in the Suburbs Blog (

Follow blogger Samara Postuma as she writes about her life in suburban Minnesota raising five kids (2 step kids and 3 bio). As a busy work-from-home mom, she shows that the key to success for the blended family is balance.

Happy parenting!

P.S. Bievo Family Organizer can help you manage your busy blended family’s schedule so that everyone is on the same page no matter where they are. Register today at or by downloading our mobile app from Apple or Google Play.


Adding Your Google Calendar to Your Bievo Family Organizer

Adding Your Google Calendar to Your Bievo Family Organizer

There is nothing more frustrating than having to check multiple calendars to get a full view of your schedule. Now you don’t need to.

Bievo’s shared family calendar is great for keeping the whole family on the same page, but our Bievo Family Organizer is designed to organize your whole life. Simply add your other calendar feeds to your Bievo account, and you’ll have everything you need in one place.

If you’re new to Bievo or are still using Google Calendar to manage some of your scheduling, you can merge the two platforms seamlessly. Add one or all of your Google Calendars into Bievo to easily access all of your important events in one place. Schedule a one-time import or enable automatic calendar sync to allow Bievo to regularly pull events from your Google account.

Adding your Google Calendar to Bievo lets you maintain both platforms and stay organized, no matter where you are.

Ready to add your Google Calendar to Bievo? Here’s how:

1.    Log into your Bievo account at

2.     Click on the Calendar icon at the top of the screen to access your Bievo Calendar.

3.     Click Add on the top toolbar, then click Google Calendar Events.

4.     Enter a nickname for your Google account. If you have multiple Google accounts, we recommend that you use your Google username to avoid confusion.

5.     Click Authorize. This will redirect you to Google, where you must authorize Google to send your events to Bievo. You may be required to sign into your Google account. Click Accept Account Changes to return to your Bievo account.

6.     You have several options for adding your Google Calendar events:

◦      Enable automatic calendar sync – If you select this option, Bievo will regularly sync with your Google Calendar to retrieve updates and add them to your Bievo calendar. If you do not select this option, Bievo will perform a one-time import of events from your Google Calendar. It is important to select this option if you plan to add new events to your Google Calendar in the future.

◦      Choose which calendars to add to Bievo – You probably have more than one Google Calendar, but you may not want all of them added to your Bievo calendar. Select which calendars you want to add to Bievo by clicking the box to the left of each calendar name. For example, you make select to add your personal calendar, but not Google’s Holiday Calendar.

◦      Assign your Google Calendar – This option allows you to add your Google Calendar events directly to your family calendar so all of your family members can see them. If you want to keep these events private (so only you can see them), skip this step. If you want to share these events with your family, select your name from the drop down menu to add them to your shared family calendar. To learn more, read about Assigning Calendar Events.

7.     Click Save to add your Google Calendar events to your Bievo calendar.

Not a Bievo member yet? Register at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

Best New Kids Books for Summer Reading

Best New Kids Books for Summer Reading

Whether your kids are beginning readers or devour books like ice cream sundaes on a hot day, it can sometimes take a little extra encouragement over the summer to get them to put down the device and pick up a new book.

Regular summer reading is much more than a “nice to have.” The benefits of summer reading are well-documented, especially for children who could use a little extra boost.

Need some summer reading ideas? Here are some recommendations for top summer 2016 books from Publishers Weekly:

Picture Books

Are We There Yet?

Dan Santat 

An ordinary (and seemingly endless) road trip to Grandma’s house becomes an time-traveling adventure filled with dinosaurs, jousting knights, swashbuckling pirates, and a very futuristic new home for Grandma. Through this wild adventure, kids learn about the joys of patience and appreciating the present moment. Recommended for ages 3-6.

Are we there yet

Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

The Dead Bird

Margaret Wise Brown, Illustrated by Christian Robinson

From beloved author Margaret Wise Brown (Goodnight Moon, Runaway Bunny) comes a newly re-illustrated version of her 1938 story about the importance of mourning and sorrow. One summer day, four children come across a dead bird in the park, and decide to to improvise a burial with flowers and song “the way grown-up people did when someone died.” Recommended for ages 4-8.

Dead Bird

Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Ideas all Around

Philip C. Stead

What happens when you want to create something but don’t have any ideas? Philip Stead gives young readers an entertaining tour of his own creative process by documenting the interesting and mundane events, sights, and sounds on a walk through the neighborhood with his dog. Recommended for ages 4-8.


Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Older readers


Sara Pennypacker, illustrated by Jon Klassen

Pax follows the journey of 12-year-old Peter as he tries to reunite with his abandoned pet fox, Pax. This new story by the author of Clementine is told by shifting the perspective between Peter and Pax. Recommended for ages 8-12.


Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Raymie Nightingale

Kate DiCamillo

In this story set in 1975 Florida, three girls learn the meaning of friendship as they rely on one another when the adults in their lives prove unreliable. From the award-winning author of Because of Winn-Dixie and Flora & Ulysses. Recommended for ages 10 and up.


Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Young Adult

The Glass Sword

Victoria Aveyard

The second book in Aveyard’s Red Queen series follows power struggles in a dystopian world between a growing rebel army and a blood-segregated world. Mare Barrow’s blood is the common folk color or red, but her supernatural ability to control lightening has made her highly desirable to the powers that be. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Glass Sword.jpg

Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Salt to the Sea

Ruta Sepetys

Teen readers fascinated by history can read the story of the worst naval disasters in history. In January, 1945, the German military transport ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff was evacuating German civilians and military ahead of the Soviet advance and was sunk by a Soviet submarine in the Baltic sea, resulting in the death of 9,400 people. Sepetys’s telling examines the disaster from multiple perspectives, including refugees, soldiers, and a nurse. Recommended for ages 12 and up.

Salt to the Sea

Buy at your local bookstore or on Amazon (

Have an avid reader in your house? See Publishers Weekly full book list here:

Happy summer reading!

Organize Your Family and Personal Task Lists All In One Place

Organize Your Family and Personal Task Lists All In One Place

Task lists can be powerful organizational tools for everyone in the family, but sometimes you want to keep your tasks to yourself and not share them with other family members.

Unlike other family organizers, Bievo’s unique account structure lets you manage your own personal task list and your family task list from the same place.

Personal tasks are visible only to you. Use your personal task list to keep yourself organized, without overwhelming family members with unnecessary information or spilling the beans on an upcoming surprise party!

Family tasks are visible to every family member that you add to your Bievo family account. They’ll see these tasks when they log into their own Bievo accounts. Family members can even update the status of their tasks so you know exactly when the chores are done.

Haven’t added your family members to your Bievo account yet? Adding family members is easy! Click here to learn how.

Ready to get started with your Task List? It’s easy with the Bievo mobile app! Here’s how:

1. Add a New Task

From the Home Screen, open your Task List, then click the green plus sign to create a new task. You can also click on any of the tasks on your list to edit it.

Create a Task List.png

2. Assign it to a family member or keep it personal

On the new Task screen, you can add all the details of the task (title, due date, and description). You can also assign the task using the “Assign To” function. This is how you decide whether to add the task to the family task list or keep it private.

Click on the “Assign To” drop down men. You’ll see a list of all the family members that you’ve added to your account. Assign the task to a family member (and add it to the family task list for all to see) by clicking on their name.

You’ll also see that your email address is included on the list. When you assign the task to your own email address, the task is added to your personal task list (none of your family members will see it).

Personal vs. Family Tasks.png

Once you’ve assigned the task and added a title and due date, click Save.

3. View All Tasks, or Just Your Own

All of your tasks (personal and family) are included on your Task list. Want to see just the ones on your plate? No problem! Click on the filter at the top of the screen and choose which task list you want to see.

Task List Filter

That’s it! With Bievo, it’s easy to keep everything (and everyone) organized in one place.

Not a Bievo member yet? Register at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app from Apple or Google Play.


Discover the Benefits of Chores This Summer

Discover the Benefits of Chores This Summer

With its longer days and more relaxed scheduling, summertime is a perfect time to get the kids started on a regular chore routine.

If you’ve been wanting to start a chore routine, or started one that was lost amidst the resistance and complaints, here’s some motivation!

Benefits of Chores for Kids

Chores help younger kids develop motor skills

The simple movement of so many household tasks can help kids as young as three develop their gross and fine motor skills – pulling weeds, watering plants, measuring ingredients, and simple sweeping. The results don’t have to be perfect; it’s the simple action of participating and manipulating the materials that matter.

But kids of all ages can do chores! Here’s a handy chore by age chart that can help get them started:

Chores are an indicator of future success

According to a 2002 study by Dr. Marty Rossman, young adults who began chores at an earlier age were more likely to achieve academic and early job success, have good relationships with their family and friends, and to be more self-reliant than those who began chores in their teen years or not at all.

Chores teach self-discipline

We all know there are plenty of things that have to get done even when we would rather be doing something (anything!) else than a task that resembles work. Regular chores teach kids that it’s important to show up and do the work when we don’t feel like it. This practice of self-discipline crosses over into all areas of our lives.

Chores teach empathy & ownership

When the kids become helpers, they become active contributors to the household instead of passive recipients of services. Kids want to feel valued, so why not give them the opportunity to make that contribution while lightening the workload? Doing chores lets the kids see how important the daily busy-ness of the house is, even if they may grumble about it at the time.

Okay, I’m ready to start the kids on chores!

Note sure where to begin? Here are a few tips for getting the kids motivated to start their chore practice:

  • A recent study found that thanking young children for “being a helper” rather than “helping” significantly increased their desire to participate because it helped give them the positive identity of “someone who helps”.
  • The jury is still on the benefit of tying kids’ chores to an allowance, but many experts recommend against the practice. When chores become associated with monetary gain, kids lose a sense of the bigger picture – actively participating in making the household a better place for everyone.
  • Keep the talk about chores on the positive side by not threatening punishment for chores left undone and keeping complaints about your own housework to a minimum.
  • Increase empathy by having the kids do chores that benefit everyone, not just themselves. This means emptying the dishwasher and vacuuming the living room, and not just cleaning their own bedrooms and doing personal laundry.
  • Chores have a way of being put off, especially when the sun is shining and the beach is calling! Try scheduling chores in a task list or family calendar like Bievo to make sure that the whole family knows when chores need to be done.

Bievo is a great tool that allows everyone to see and update the family chore list. Not a Bievo member? Register today at or by downloading the Bievo mobile app from Apple or Google Play.


Starting a Bievo Community For Your Child’s Sports Team

Starting a Bievo Community For Your Child’s Sports Team

You don’t need us to tell you how extraordinarily time-consuming youth sports can be. Multiple practices during the week, weekend games, tournaments – they all add up to an average of 6 to 16 hours of your time every week during the season, according to some surveys. No wonder Americans are such a stressed out bunch!

For the parents who take on the role of team mom or dad, the logistics of organizing can become even more challenging. If you’re still relying on multiple methods to keep yourself, your kids, coaches, and other parents on the same page, we invite you to try a new approach that will keep everyone on the same page with less fuss.

Bievo’s Communities feature helps you easily coordinate schedules and communicate with everyone involved in your child’s team. Simply create a community page for your team, then easily add calendars from websites, set reminders, invite the team member, and organize carpools to practices and games.

With Bievo Communities, organization is simple, so everyone can stay focused on what’s important – playing the game!

Ready to create a Community? Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Bievo account at
  2. Click on the Community icon at the top of the screen to access the Bievo Community Dashboard.
  3. Click Add on the top toolbar, then click Create Community to open the new community screen.
  4. Enter details about your community so everyone knows what it’s about.
  5. Click Save to create your community and open your new community page.

Once you’ve created your new community, it’s time to invite others to join! You can invite others into your community by inputting their email addresses on the Members screen of your community page. We’ll send them an email letting them know that you’ve invited them into your community. Then you can all start planning events, sharing schedules, and coordinating carpools with ease!

Not a Bievo member yet? Create your account today at or by downloading our mobile app to your Apple or Android device.

Creating a Summer Bucket List

Creating a Summer Bucket List

It’s only a few weeks into this glorious summer and we’re already starting to hear pronouncements of its demise:

“This summer is just flying by!”

“Labor Day will be here before we know it!”

“I can’t believe it’s already mid-July!”

While summer never seems to be quite long enough, we still have many, many (okay, eight) more weeks to look forward to. Weeks filled with picnic dinners in the parks, days at the beach, and (hopefully) some relaxing vacation days away from home.

Creating a summer bucket list is a great way to make sure you squeeze every last drop of awesomeness from your summer and won’t go into Labor Day weekend mourning summer activities and trips left unexperienced. This is especially important for those of us who don’t have much vacation time to tap into.

Bucket list items can be small and easily attainable (plant that window box herb garden) or ambitious and verging on fantasy (road trip with the kids to the other coast).

Here are some ideas:

  • 5 places you would like to visit
  • 5 picnic spots you would like to experience
  • 5 new fun spots to visit with your family
  • 5 new restaurants to try
  • 5 things you would like to improve around the house

So why make a summer bucket list at all? Listing your hopes and desires has a way of making concrete that which we often confine only to our thoughts. It puts a laser focus on your goals and helps to make them a reality. And when you can share your bucket list with your family, everyone can get in on adding their hopes and dreams to the family list.

Your Bievo Task List is the perfect place for a summer bucket list to live! To get one started, just start adding new items to your family task list with a code your family will recognize, such as “BL: try the new trampoline park.”

Not a Bievo member yet? Register for free at or by downloading our mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

Happy summering!

Keeping the Family Organized with Agenda Emails

Keeping the Family Organized with Agenda Emails

Sometimes a calendar just isn’t enough to keep everyone organized. Agenda emails from Bievo are a great tool for helping to keep everyone in the family organized with an easy-to-scan email. Each email includes a list of upcoming events, color-coded to match your Bievo family calendar, so you can easily see who needs to be where and plan your day.

If you have family members who prefer email over an online organizer or forgetful family member who might need that extra reminder, agenda emails might be the solution. You can set up emails to go out daily or weekly, and the email recipient does not need to be a Bievo member.

Here are some ways to use Bievo’s agenda email feature:

  • Like to see your day at a glance? Schedule a daily agenda email for yourself and you’ll hit the ground running.
  • Grandparents love to be involved, but they might not want to use an online calendar or mobile app. Schedule a weekly agenda email with your child’s events instead.
  • If you don’t want to add the babysitter to your Bievo family account, sending them agenda emails detailing the children’s events is a great alternative.

Ready to try this great feature? Here’s how:

  1. Log into your Bievo account at
  2. Click on the Calendar icon at the top of the screen to access your Bievo Calendar.
  3. Click Communicate on the top toolbar, then click Email Agenda. This screen displays any agenda emails that you have already scheduled. Click “+” at the top of the screen to schedule a new agenda email.
  4. Choose the frequency of your emails. You can choose to receive your emails either daily or weekly.
  5. Enter an email address for the agenda to be sent. Either select your own, or enter a new email address. This option if helpful if you are scheduling agenda emails for forgetful family members or people outside of your immediate family (like grandparents or caregivers).
  6. Choose which calendar events to include in the email. You can choose as many or as few as you like. Here, you could choose all events for yourself, or just your children’s events for emails set up for grandparents or caretakers.
  7. Click Add Agenda to schedule the agenda and return to the main screen.

You’re all set! Your Bievo agenda email will be in your inbox when you wake up in the morning.

Not a Bievo member yet? You can register at or by downloading our mobile app from Apple or Google Play.

Best Travel Apps for Families 2016

Best Travel Apps for Families 2016

Summer vacation is the perfect time to unwind, unplug, and spend some time with the family. But if you’re road tripping with the family, you’ll want to keep that smartphone close by to access these great apps to make your trip less stressful and more engaging.

  1. Beat traffic with Waze

Nothing sucks the life out of a road trip like traffic. Waze uses information from other drivers to warn you of traffic, upcoming speed traps, and other unexpected hazards on the road. You can also use Waze to find alternate routes and detours when you want to discover the road less traveled.

Download it here:

  1. Bring Fido along for the ride

If your family trip includes everyone in the family, be sure to have Bring Fido along for the ride. The free Bring Fido app helps you find dog-friendly hotels on your route, and even lets you sort results by distance, popularity, rating, and price. The app also shows you nearby dog-friendly attractions, events, and local resources such as pet supply stores and veterinarians.

Download it here:

  1. Make your trip cool with Roadtrippers 

Discover all the hidden treasures just beyond the freeway with Roadtrippers. This free app is great to check out before your trip to plan pit stops or to use along the way. It offers suggestions for diners, off-beat hotels, adventure parks, and more.

Download it here:

  1. Find cool places to stay with AirBnB

Tired of the same old highway motels? Check the AirBnB app to find interesting and quirky places to stay along the way. From entire house rentals to treehouses, the app can point you to accommodations that will be more memorable (and often more affordable) than the standard motel fare.

Download it here:

  1. See the best of Roadside America 

Never miss that giant roadside cow, ball of twine, or dinosaur footprint again! The Roadside America app lets you discover all the weird, wonderful, and wacky roadside attractions along your route.

Download it here:


Happy travels!

P.S. – Don’t forget to send postcards of your travels! Load all your family contacts into your Bievo Family Organizer before you head out the door, so you’ll have all those addresses handy for addressing your postcards.

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